Monday, November 27, 2006


back in the world! after finishing up the tour, family thanksgiving trip to PA, etc. the last show of the tour was a soaking night in Greensboro and appropriately ill-attended but a few brave souls showed up and were treated to great sets from Corrina Repp and Norfolk and Western. i can't find our setlist at the moment but maybe someone out there on the web has it...

Dave from Norfolk blogged here about the show at the Flying Anvil, which is a great, if huge (for greensboro, anyway) club that apparently is headed for obsolescense unfortunately as of the end of the year.

don't think i ever linked to this thoughtful Be Still Please review by Jessica Hopper in the Chicago Reader:

Gentle Into That Good Night

also, nice mentions of tour and album at Headphone Junkie, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, the arcane model (mentions the fainter at the Schuba's show!), and this boy is exhausted which has pics from Pittsburgh.

in the wake of the Daily Show 10 F*cking Years Show the Village Voice has a review including some kind words for the Superchunk set...

and you may know by now but if not there's a VIDEO for Song for a Clock! small vid mention also here on the Filter site...

it's remarkably hard, incidentally, to find a still from the video to one of my favorite Queen songs ("I Want to Break Free").