Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Baltimore UPDATE

Bob Pollard has unfortunately cancelled his set in Baltimore tonight, which sucks, but PORTASTATIC WILL STILL BE PERFORMING LIVE, IN CONCERT!

playing also will be Harm City's finest -- THE ORANGES BAND!

all this will still be taking place at Sonar, and will cost $5.




Blogger Kopake said...

Hi Mac,

I was going to see Superchunk tomorrow night in NYC tomorrow, but decided to cancel because you are playing in my hometown on Friday. Do you mind if I bring you some of my beer that night? I'd also like to bring you a bottle or two of my friend's beer: The Ugly American.
Wayno (who used to do Karl Hendricks' album covers) provided the art for the label.

Have ever played "Do You Want to Buy a Bridge? live?" I'd love to see it. I'd also love to see "You Blanks" and "Cheers and Applause."

FYI, Friday is light-up night in Pittsburgh, so the downtown area will be pretty crazy, but you'll be on the North Side, so you should be ok.


1:30 PM  
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