Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Belly Dancing Anyone?

last night in lexington we played at a place called Mecca, located on the humorously named Chair Street. we arrived for load-in during a yoga class (it's a huge multi-use facility, belly dancing seems to be one of the main draws) that lasted until 8:30 so we went off and watched some basketball at a fake pub. came back to a nice crowd and good opening acts -- Jason Zavala and the High Water Marks -- in the large chilly space.

set up on the floor and played the following:

sour shores
angels of sleep
sweetness and light
you blanks
oh come down
drill me
like a pearl
skinny glasses girl
white wave
san andreas
noisy night

through with people
i wanna know girls

the drive through west virginia today was beautiful but by the time we arrived here in greensboro the rains had come and it's pretty nasty outside, hope some folks brave the weather for the show tonight, we're excited to be playing with Norfok and Western! last night of the tour...