Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tanned Tin and Off We Go Again

had a lovely weekend in Spain...lovely and exhausting, every night the bands were playing til dawn in this beautiful old theater in Castellon. for example, portastatic was scheduled to go on at the civilized hour of 1.50 AM, but we went on at 3, which meant that our night was running more on time than the night before. there were two bands after us! amazingly, people were still in their seats til the bitter end, and the Magik Markers, who went on after us around 4 AM managed to completely destroy the place with just the two of them raising a racket up there, highly entertaining. also saw great sets from Dave Grubbs (who played most of last year's awesome A Guess at The Riddle album plus a bunch of instrumental stuff), Okkervill River, who i'd never seen before and were a nice full-band change from the festival's solo/duo heavy lineup, and His Name Is Alive who i'd barely even ever heard before and were charming. M.Ward kicked ass the night before all by his lonesome, and i got to play "lead guitar" on Right in the Head, which is still running through MY head. the crowd was quiet when they needed to be and loud and appreciative the rest of the time, including one guy who would at any given moment stand up and yell "BRAVO!" at the slightest provocation...great fans over there.

grubbs pre-show shredding:

magic markers in high heels:

our early morning set was something like this...:
center of the world (on piano, need a little more practice with that one!), angels of sleep, sour shores, a cunning latch, noisy night, you know where to find me, white wave, san andreas, i wanna know girls...there was one more but i can't remember!

there's a video HERE of us from the festival...

and we're off again tomorrow for some US dates, starting with grandpa punk (bob pollard) in baltimore...see you soon in charm city, pittsburgh, chicago, columbus, lexington, or greensboro!


Blogger Chris said...

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5:25 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

I posted the song, thought I got it wrong, deleted my comment, checked the setlist (that margaret awesomely gave me), so now I know for sure that the missing song is:
Spying on the spies.
Between white wave and san andreas.

I had an awkward moment with david grubbs when I asked him if I could "take a cd". Of course I meant to pay for it, but he sort of looked at me like I was about to mug him. And that's my tanned tin story.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Eric Grubbs said...

I have an uncle named David Grubbs. Alas, the Dave Grubbs you speak of is not the same person.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Jason A said...

Looking forward to seeing you at the Warhol in Pittsburgh. If you have time to kill in the city Jerry's and Paul's are two really awesome record stores.

10:08 AM  
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