Monday, November 20, 2006

Buckeye mania

we rolled into columbus today to yards and sidewalks strewn with party waste -- we could have built the buckeyes a new stadium out of Solo cups -- and went straight to the venerable Used Kids Records for a quick in-store. Margaret and I played it acoustic & did Hurricane Warning (hadn't played it in awhile, kinda flubbed the beginning), Center of the World, Sweetness and Light, You Blanks, Skinny Glasses Girl, and I Wanna Know Girls. pretty fun though some dude was talking and laughing loudly with a pal through the whole thing. he appeared at our show later to talk on his phone loudly by the side of the stage, keep his beer on my amp, and generally make a nuisance of himself. still, neither he nor a subpar PA situation could dampen the spirits of a surprisingly rowdy sunday night columbus crowd at the show, great people running the joint, rock and roll:

Hey Salty
Sour Shores
A Cunning Latch
You Blanks
Sweetness and Light
You Know Where to Find Me
Through With People
Arthur Dove
Like A Pearl
Naked Pilseners
I Wanna Know Girls

Autumn Got Dark
Tree Killer
San Andreas
Noisy Night

walked out at the end of the night into the first snowfall of the year (for me anyway)...

Mecca in Lexington tomorrow night...Monday in Lex, could be dodgy! who knows, see you there.