Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ready To Roll

looking forward to seeing peeps at Sonar in Baltimore, Charm City tonight...loading some new acquisitions into the ipod for the trip:

Joanna Newsom - Ys (ok i had this ILLEGALLY AGAINST THE LAW already but had to buy it, it's great)
Eccentric Soul - Mighty Mike Lenaburg (they used my quote on the sticker, i hope i like it!)
Sonny Clark - Sonny Clark Trio
Neil Young - Crazy Horse at the Fillmore 1970 (listened to this yesterday AWESOME)
Pavement - Wowee Zowee reissue
Karen Dalton - In My Own Time (i didn't believe the hype but now that i've heard it i do...)
Ann Peebles - Original Funk Soul Sister (this rules)

btw, Wilbur is back in the band on this tour, so get your heckles ready...