Sunday, June 18, 2006

That Sinking Feeling

wow we found the hockey game here in seattle at some monstrous sports bar filled with oilers, and i kinda wish we hadn't! it would have been a reprieve from having to sit through possibly the worst three consecutive periods the canes have played all year, definitely all postseason.

what can you say? out hit, out skated, obviously outscored 4-zip and even the return of erik cole couldn't lift the guys into some semblance of intensity. ugh. edmonton has to be riding high and i don't look forward to hearing about how "only one team in history has ever..." etc and not only because that lumps us in with the Leafs...

i don't have a good feeling about tomorrow night's game 7 but of course i will be there destroying my choice at this point!

more about the portastatic trip to seattle later...


Blogger Michael said...

Congrats Mac!!!

Carolina Hurricanes 2006 Stanley Cup Champions!!!

If you're ever in Toronto make sure you go to the Hockey Hall of Fame. You can see the REAL Stanley Cup from inches away. It's cool as hell to see your favorite players names on there. Then seeing all the old timers names on there. It's an amazing experience!

Next year the Rangers are gonna win!!

11:00 PM  
Blogger Mac said...

aaron oliva and i went to the HHOF on a portastatic tour once, it was amazing. love that theater downstairs where you can just watch amazing games from the past... and of course having my pic taken with the cup was great.

1:32 PM  
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