Thursday, June 15, 2006


well, that sucked. really $#&*(%#$(&!! sucked is what i meant to say...

'Canes & Oil see-saw back and forth all game, take it to OT where the 'Canes get a power play and... GIVE THE PUCK (and the game) away and lose on a shorty FOR PETE'S SAKE that may have been the lamest way to lose a big game in OT i can imagine.

Carolina's defense looked porous and Ward wasn't as sharp as the last couple games, and we still had a chance to skate the Cup around the RBC but no such luck.

speaking of Lord Stanley's Cup, can we have a freaking moratorium on TALKING ABOUT THE CANES WINNING THE CUP until the series is over? man all day on the sports radio talking places people actually would not stop discussing who was going to win the Conn Smythe trophy however you spell it... dudes, no one wins that until someone wins THE SERIES, but everyone was talking as though the Oilers were going to skate onto the ice, over to Roddy and just be all "we're tired of playing hockey this year, you guys can have it" which obviously isn't what happened.

so please just act like it's a series, BECAUSE IT IS! cripes already, jinxers.

Saturday is forever and many provinces away. I hope they've heard of hockey in Seattle.


Blogger GeekedSports said...

heard of hockey?

Seattle is one of the cities vying for the Pittsburgh Penguins and have a storied JR. team..the Seattle Thunderbirds.

Anyway, they just need to win one of the next 2. I say they need to play "punch me harder" again...that was god luck in closing out the NJ series.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Good luck with the show in Seattle. Hopefully us non-Seattlittes get to hear the music sometime!

I hope the result of the last game inspires the Canes to whoop the next game. I'd love to see them win in Raleigh!

11:27 PM  
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