Monday, June 12, 2006

Music V Hockey Game IV

decisions decisions -- Portastatic has a marathon rehearsal this evening, getting ready for Seattle Film Festival performance on Friday... our man Jeb Bishop is in from Chicago for the practice, as is Margaret White from the big apple and it's our only rehearsal with the whole group, scheduled of course months ago, when there was no way to know for sure that it would also be the night when your Carolina Hurricanes are trying to win a third game in the Stanley Cup Finals. in fact even if i known that that was a possibility i STILL would have had to schedule practice only in order to not jinx the 'Canes.

anyway, do i a) tape the game and put myself on media/cellphone lockdown after practice, race home and watch the whole thing on DVR? or b) try to catch the last half period after practice, possibly missing the whole thing but finding out the score as it stands? or c) just go eat after practice and call someone to find out the score, leaving fate to others besides myself...aaaahhh it's agonizing.

choice a) is appealing but i stopped taping all the games since the mtl series because when i tape them we lose. then again, i didn't tape Sat's game and we lost on Ryan Smiths goal-charging junk goal of a goal (hey it counts and we lost...i've stopped thinking about it...almost)... maybe if i tape tonight we'll go back to shooting the puck? need to carry over the energy from the 3rd period into tonights game, as we've seen from Game 2 if the 'Canes play for 60 minutes they can crush.

anyway, can't wait for Game 4 whether i see it or not.

ok off to watch The Unknown for the unknownth time...



Blogger Eric Grubbs said...

Is it possible to watch the game and rehearse at the same time?

10:33 AM  
Blogger Dr. Confusion said...

What you need is a Rabbinic style solution for getting around this problem.

For example, you're not supposed to ever count or make a census of Jewish folk (that used to start plagues back in the day, and other reasons), BUT! You have to count up to ten folks to have a "Minyon" or a group of ten folks around to pray certain prayers. So what are they supposed to do in that situation? They point to a group of temple goers and say "NOT one, NOT two, NOT three..." Seriously.

So you just need to find a good friend and say. "For the love of all that is good, DO NOT tape the cane's game at such a time till such a time. I would really HATE for you to Tivo that mess and burn me a DVD-R from it"

11:58 AM  
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