Thursday, June 08, 2006

Talk to the Hand...

...and the blocker and the stick and the pads...Cam Ward was fantastic again last night albeit in slightly less heart-stopping conditions and blanked the Oil, whose Jussi Markkanen didn't look terrible or anything -- a couple soft goals after not playing for, like, years, is to be expected -- but he wasn't getting a lot of help from his D, particularly after Corey Stillman's awesome "think i'll pass it to myself over the goal and then shoot from...HERE" goal made it 3-0 and things kinda devolved from there. Oilers did spend a lot of time down in the 'Canes end in the first but Ward was solid and so was the defense; Brind'Amour made one goal-saving poke at the puck when Ward was flat on his back on the other side of the crease, and the D was blocking pucks left and right before they could even get to the goalie.

So, a rout but the Oilers came back from down 0-2 against the Sharks, who if you read Oilers fan blogs were "much better" and had the fans "much more worried" than the 'Canes do, so who knows what'll happen up at the Rexall center, but i can't believe we have to wait 'til Saturday to watch it WHO DO THEY THINK WE ARE people with better things to do than watch hockey!?