Monday, June 05, 2006

Who Loves the Internets

the Who Loves the Sun soundtrack hits the racks tomorrow in a boutique near you but there's plenty more content to absorb on the internets -- including my very first podcast & a streaming version of the album in case you're one of those untrusting types who likes to know whether they like something or not before they buy it -- all over at Merge on the front page. the podcast is me rambling about the score and other soundtracks i like. i've already recieved complaints that my talking is too quiet and the music too loud...look, i didn't say i INVENTED podcasting, i just said i was learning out to do steps, people.

as the movie itself (starring Molly Parker, Lukas Haas, & Adam Scott, btw) won't be in theaters 'til the fall (festivals before then however) there's also a trailer to tide you over, right here for the big version and here if you've still got a dinosaur on a treadmill powering your internet connection.