Monday, May 29, 2006

Hockey Night In Carolina Pt II

It's a cliche to say that there's nothing like playoff hockey, but it's a cliche because it's true! And of course it follows that OT playoff hockey is another notch up on the heart-attack meter...Carolina came back from a 2-goal hole to win in OT last night, again silencing the legions of "let's go buffalo" black shirts surrounding us up in the cheap seats. What a game... i think Carolina is clearly the better team at even strength though the Sabres are really freaking fast so any bad giveaway or silly penalty can turn it their way in a hurry. Gerber, who shut out the Sabres in their building in Game 2, was yanked after giving up 3 goals, and 22-yr old Cam Ward came in to shut 'em down the rest of the way, including a ridiculous save in OT.

Turns out Cam likes rock and roll music as well -- they've got his "playlist" up on the Hurricanes site here and right in the middle he's got Merge recording artist (and Habs / Sens fans) The Arcade Fire! from his description of "Power Out" ("It's upbeat with good bass and variety of sounds") it sounds like when this whole hockey fad blows over he's ready to write for Spin, or at least Vice.

At age 22 what were you doing? I mean not that performing in such rooms as The Zodiac Club or JC Dobbs isn't a high-pressure situation, but seriously to remain so composed in the situation he's in is kind of insane. He seems like a good guy in interviews, whereas the other youngster Mr. USA Ryan Miller pulled a bitchy little cheap shot move last night tripping Justin Williams after period 2 had ended. Probably not a bad guy, but also maybe losing it a little after giving up the lead?

Game 6 Tuesday night in Buffalo, which incidentally is exactly as far from the nearest NASCAR track (Watkins Glen) as Raleigh is to the one in Charlotte.


Blogger jaw said...

yeah, but when you're at a Hurricanes game, you feel like you may as well be at a NASCAR event.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Mac said...

i wouldn't know what a NASCAR event feels like. but we DID see a guy tailgating in really short cut-off jeans, some kind of sleeveless faded racing tee, mirrored shades and a marlboro light hanging out of his mouth, i suppose i could've asked him what it's like.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Hey Mac, Pitchfork mentioned your blog in a recent post about your new album, so I just found it. Awesome. You (and Superchunk) have long been one of my favorite artists. Thanks for all the great music through the years.

Oh, I have nothing to add about the hockey game, nor NASCAR. I guess I should have waited until a music related post... sorry.

1:29 PM  
Blogger alyosha mcbain said...

Good luck in game 7. I was surprised that Ryan Miller played so well in game 6...he looked shaky most of the playoffs.

Laviolette will be starting Ward in nets, right? Unless he's on a peyote and whiskey binge?

1:54 PM  
Blogger Mac said...

i hope you're joking about miller looking shaky! he's been out of his mind! canes got to him a couple games but that seemed mainly because their D is so thinned out... but i hope he's got the serious shakes in game 7, don't get me wrong!

4:06 PM  
Blogger alyosha mcbain said...

I was thinking of a couple of those games against Ottawa...I saw a couple of softies go in on Mr. Miller. Game 1 against Ottawa (six biscuits allowed on 33 shots) stands out in my mind.

Plus I never liked these horrible new-ish uniforms the Sabres have. They could have the worst threads in all of pro sports. Their old jerseys were killer, don't know why they ever changed 'em. I know it's not really that relevant, but I can't help it.

11:45 PM  
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