Tuesday, May 23, 2006


We've begun rehearsals for the Seattle Film Festival, where Portastatic will be performing music along with silent film The Unknown (1927)... currently still writing the music as well, which always takes longer than i think it's going to. the movie's only 50 minutes long but that's no consolation when you've only got 6 minutes of material! looking forward to hearing the whole group play it, which won't happen until the week of the show.

Taking breaks from that process for a little playoff hockey as well and after outplaying the Sabres for 2/3rds of Game 1 Saturday, the Hurricanes dominated last night and got the W to even the series at 1-1. find somewhere to see a replay of the goal Glen Wesley saved, unless you're a Sabres fan. in which case, please stay in Buffalo -- they may not be a representative group, but the fans who came down for the games this weekend were easily the most noxious fans i've encountered, outstripping DeadWings fans even, which is saying something...i like boisterous fans, even of the opposing variety, but unfunny macho hammered fans who spend most of the time not exactly rooting for their team rather just seeking to irritate others, eh stay home...most irritating of all perhaps (other than the wasted trash-talking in the parking lot) was the "USA USA USA" chant that followed even the most pedestrian of saves by Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller (who has been ridiculous). Our seats are in the top row and i was ready to push someone down the stairs, it would have been a long roll for a drunk in a Michael Peca jersey. Anyway, winning is the best revenge obviously and it's almost a relief to know i'll be watching the next couple on TV, despite the less than ideal OLN as the conduit.

OK enough sports, more music: go see the band Oakley Hall if they play near you, you won't be sorry. unless you don't like music or bands.