Monday, March 05, 2012


On March 2, after a long year in which he simultaneously battled cancer and made the most of his time on earth, our dear friend David Doernberg died at his home in New York City. He was surrounded by family and friends.

I can't possibly enumerate the ways that Dave was intertwined into the fabric of our own family & lives. Likewise i have a feeling the hole that his passing leaves is larger than we even yet know.

If you follow Superchunk you've seen Dave's handiwork in our music videos. If you were at the Merge 20th Anniversary celebration in Chapel Hill a couple years ago, you saw the giant red trees that Dave helped execute & hang. If you've been to my wife Andrea's restaurant Lantern you have seen Dave's unique sensibilities at work; he designed the restaurant. If you've read the Merge book Our Noise you've seen a photo of Dave in his "Metal Dave" phase behind the t-shirt table on our first European tour.

Dave was in our wedding and in fact my wife and i may never have met if it wasn't for Dave.

Dave loved food, music, film, sports, art, travel, other words he loved life and it was great to live life around him. He was open to it (life) in a way that many people are not.

Dave was an enthusiast but not profligate with his enthusiasms -- he was a critical and detailed thinker about the things he loved.

Obviously there is a lot more to say about David than can be said here.

Mainly he was a friend like no other & I miss him already.

You can get a good sense of Dave from reading his blog eatdavelove

There's an nice obituary that documents some of Dave's film work at

Memorial contributions can be made to Doctors Without Borders or No Kid Hungry.