Monday, January 30, 2012

Hey There!

Happy New Year!

Been awhile over here... at a certain point i look at just HOW long it's been and then the idea of trying to catch up is overwhelming so i just procrastinate a little longer...

So, lots happened since October!

Put out a new Superchunk 7" for "Learned to Surf" w/ non-LP b-side "Sunny Brixton" in the UK.

Played Superchunk shows in Madrid, Barcelona, and London. Had a great time in all those places! Awesome crowds, fun shows. Not to mention the food...

Made some Year-End Lists of favorite stuff.

Been tweeting a lot. Tweeting over here too!

It's been a year since starting the tumblr of our home kitchen compost, it's over here at Compost Beauty

Coming up -- two solo shows on the horizon:

Feb 11 at the Cave in Chapel Hill
Feb 23 at Swedish American Hall, SF, for Noise Pop

Hope to see you soon!