Monday, January 31, 2011

Bouyancy Benefit

on Saturday I played a cool space in Raleigh, formerly the Purina building you can see the back of from Capital Blvd, now to be Moving Island, a "community education facility." Sounds like its identity will be forged as it moves along which is to be expected. Maria Albani of Organos and the other board members (including Kelly of the Rosebuds) put together a 2-day Bouyancy Benefit concert this weekend and i was a last-minute fill-in for an out of town surprise guest that canceled...i was glad to have the opportunity to help out in some small way. mainly when i hear about these kinds of things i think "how do these people have the energy?" but they do and hopefully it'll become a cool thing for Raleigh. it was my first set ever playing under my own name. i played it solo electric and i felt under-prepared but it was ok...walking in, plugging in and starting w no soundcheck or warmup is pretty great actually. HERE is an article about the space from the Indy, and here was my setlist:

Crossed Wires
February Punk
Some Small History
Stretched Out
White Wave
I Want to Break Free (Queen)
Rope Light
Song for Clock
Better Things (The Kinks)

trivial pursuit: the song "Stretched Out" is on the Superchunk album Foolish, but i don't think Superchunk has ever played it live. oddly enough i played it live once, solo acoustic, as Portastatic at Local 506, before it became a Superchunk song so that must have been 1993 or something. i'm old.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

It's The New Year

Happy New Year! Feeling kind of optimistic about 2011 despite Ol' Suntan & Teary Eyes grabbing the gavel yesterday...

Been catching up with some records i should have heard in 2010!

Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
Wild Wild Geese - Sorry, Earth
Phosphorescent - Here's To Taking it Easy
John Grant - Queen of Denmark
Lower Dens - Twin-Hand Movement