Monday, August 15, 2011

Late Summer

wow a lot of time has passed since my last post here, almost too much stuff to recount. some fun solo shows opening for Dino Jr & Rob Delaney the same week at the Cat's Cradle. the rock/comedy axis continues to turn.

Superchunk played really hot, really fun shows in NYC (at the House of Vans warehouse) and Chicago (at the Pitchfork Festival). 'forkfest show was seriously one of the hottest shows we've ever played and we weren't even on the stage w the most direct sun.

got some Superchunk shows coming up in September:

9/8 Buckhead Theater - Atlanta, GA BUY TICKETS HERE
9/10 Hopscotch Festival - Raleigh, NC BUY TICKETS HERE

and then in a more Portastatic-y vein, on September 29th i'm back in GA to perform a live film score to accompany 4 Maya Deren films. still writing the score currently! but making good progress and i'll be performing it with an 8-person ensemble, apparently the venue is an old church, sounds like the whole thing will be really cool (as long as we hold up our end w the music...).

the evening is called "Transfigured Time" and it's the opening night of the Westobou Festival in Augusta, GA.

enjoy the waning days of summer!(course it'll be hot as blazes for another good month)