Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Only Way To Go

as you may know, Superchunk is playing a couple shows for Barack Obama with a fresh young Canadian outfit called Arcade Fire this Thursday and Friday in Greensboro and Carrboro, NC -- there are still plenty of free tickets for the Greensboro show, though Carrboro is sold out and will be nuts (and fun). we went to see the man himself last night in Chapel Hill at the cavernous Smith Center, and while everyone was pretty beat and running out of steam by the time Obama got there (Sam "Big Smooth" Perkins' inspirational message can only keep you going for so long), he was great and it was worth hearing the man speak in person. he appeared a bit tired himself, and how can he not be? but still, glad we got to see him.

May 6 is the primary here in NC and it's obviously a huge one. Vote early and often! actually i think that's illegal, so just vote early!

(poster by Shepard Fairey)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Listening, Always With The Listening

Drug Rug - songs, really good songs. don't know much about 'em.
Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree
PJ Harvey - White Chalk
Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride
Lemonheads - Lovey
The Constantines - Kensington Heights
Miles Davis - Miles Ahead
Liam Finn - I'll Be Lightning

in addition to music, Sports? Sports? eh, 'Canes folded at the wrong time and were eliminated by the freaking Caps on the last day of the regular season. i'll probably watch some hockey playoffs, but not happily. NBA...call me for the conference finals. Baseball...call me in August!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Longevity Has Its Place

40 years today since The Mountaintop speech, the last one Dr. King gave.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

In the Deck This Week

i wasn't clever enough to invent things that would have been funny to think that i was listening to for April Fool's day, so this list is deadly serious:

Noah Howard - Patterns/Message to South Africa
The Moles - Untune the Sky
Ornette - Sound Museum
Lavender Diamond - Imagine Our Love
Boredoms - Super Roots 9
John Coltrane - First Meditations
The Notwist - Neon Golden
Shelby Lynne - I Am Shelby Lynne
Paul Simon - Paul Simon
Kelly Polar - I Need You To Hold On While The Sky Is Falling
English Beat - Special Beat Service

also serious -- hockey regular season ends this week, Carolina needs to put the clampdown on Washington tonight and seal up the Southeast...Go Canes!