Monday, November 06, 2006

vote vote vote vote VOTE

i am really not prepared for a wednesday morning like the wednesday morning after the elections in 2004, the crushing reality setting in and the desire to go back to sleep for, like, i'm trying desperately not to get hopes up for Tuesday. still, can't stop looking at polls and reading the blogs -- talkingpointsmemo , firedoglake, kos, atrios, et al -- looking for hope and finding it but also the occasional dose of pessimism showing overall Dem leads tightening over the weekend, and reading about the robo-call campaign designed to suppress voting in key's all enough to make you lose your mind, i might need to go see 3 movies tomorrow night instead of freaking out in front of the TV & computer screen all night.

seeing that arrogant fuck Cheney on Stephanopolous yesterday was brutal, too; in essence he was saying "it doesn't matter what you people do at the polls on tuesday, we're going to do what we want regardless, so shove it America."

anyway here's something to lighten the mood -- Cliff Schechter on (ack) Rita Cosby's show on MSNBC destroying some Rebublican clown, saying all the things you'd like to say to someone who could see their way to vote red in this day and age...hilarious:

Cliff Schecter's blog

i wish i could wholeheartedly share Cliff's optimistic predictions on the senate & house gains but i'm living in fear of those kinda predictions...