Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tangled Up In Blogs

spent a breezy week at the beach and i suppose it's time to get back to the blogging... in between getting crushed by rogue waves i found the time to read the Bob Dylan memoir "Chronicles" and if you have a passing interest in the man i highly recommend its bizarrely detailed, often scattershot, sometimes terribly written but always entertaining and hilarious pages to you. the comically circuitous "explanation" of the numerical system that revitalised his songwriting sometime around 1990 is awesome, as is the anecdote about sitting around with Cash, Kristofferson, et al playing some tunes & talking about why he doesn't eat pork... read today he has a new album coming out, typically ugly art (it's no Saved, though, in that dept), and i'm looking forward to it.

check this mesmerizing live clip from the pancake makeup phase.