Monday, May 18, 2009

ECF Game 1 Tonight

very much looking forward to having a new opponent on the ice vs the 'Canes, dangerous as the Pens might be.

Scott Walker became "Public Enemy No 1" in Boston for giving Aaron Walker a black eye, what does that make Brooks Orpik, who lined up Erik Cole and broke his neck back in March of 2006? What's insane is that if you watch he clip Cole skates off under his own power somehow (with a broken vertebrae in his neck), and of course he actually recovered in time to re-join the team during the finals vs Edmonton that year.

I don't imagine there will be a dull moment in this series, but in case you need something else to do during the games, there's always the Staal Bros. Drinking Game....

GO CANES! should we be worried if they don't lose 4-1 like the last two series!?

UPDATE Pens 3, 'Canes 2
Freaking Fleury -- the guy was out of his mind tonight in the first two periods, stopping nearly everything that came his way. Pens scored 2 early but Carolina settled down and had great chances, almost all nullified by Fleury, throughout the first two periods. 3rd period they hardly had any shots on goal until the end of the game, when Corvo cut into the lead, but then despite a couple great chances to tie it up with the goalie pulled, Pittsburgh hung on for the win. Pens are fast and swarming at times as we knew they were, but Carolina didn't shrink from the task. Unfortunately by the end of the game the Hurricanes had lost both Cole (who had a crushing hit on Orpik) AND Ruutu to injury, no word yet on how severe either is.


Blogger Emily said...

i only wish i could have watched the game. i'm forced to listen on the radio - no cable. go pens! and 'canes (for good measure)! sorry about the loss, mac.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Mr P. said...

If you take away the first period the Canes didn't look too bad. Too much scrambling around during the first. Once the team settled down, they were ok. Hope the injuries are not bad. There really isn't anyone sitting on the sidelines that can step up.

8:37 AM  

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