Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 Down One To Go

'Canes have blown two chances to close out the #1 seeded Bruins, and have one chance left -- unfortunately they are travelling back to Boston, site of Sunday night's demolition and ensuing coming unglued, not where they should be after taking a 3-1 lead in the series.

Last night's game wasn't the no-show by the Hurricanes that Sunday night was, but chances are if you give up 2 goals in the first 5 minutes of the game, all the effort you've got isn't going to dig you out of that hole against a team as strong as the Bruins. 'Canes came out flat instead of desperate and the defense made some terrible mistakes early, hanging Cam out to dry. After giving up those two goals, the 'Canes tilted the ice their way for the last 10 minutes of the period but had nothing to show for it besides some Tim Thomas highlights. Cullen cut it to 2-1 with a pretty goal in the 2nd but the Bruins added two goals themselves, sealing the deal. The crowd was pretty good about staying in it, thanks to a Samsonov goal in the third but the 'Canes then wasted 2 power plays and time ran out on their hopes of ending this series at home.

The good thing about having seats where ours are -- top row, center ice -- is that you can see the whole ice and stand up the whole time (no one behind us). One of the bad things is that when visiting fans can get tickets they are often up in the rafters with us. Last night a bunch of Boston boys were really yukking it up across the aisle, actually more like in the aisles, making the loss that much more demoralizing to sit through.

It's not that i don't think Carolina can win at Boston -- they've already done this once. But that was the Carolina of Games 2-4. That team can win anywhere. But the team we've seen over the last two games looks like they're out of gas, which is depressing. The tools that the 'Canes have at their disposal to beat Boston -- speed, smarts, stamina -- hasn't been there the last two games, they were missing open nets last night and not making crisp passes, to say nothing of the defensive breakdowns that Boston will always make you pay for. Hopefully the 'Canes can play Game 7 like they did Game 7 of the '06 finals and extend a great season...60 minutes of desperate, disciplined play will do it.


Blogger Ben said...

Nice breakdown. Speaking of, you're right - Canes had a few defensive breakdowns that the Bs were able to capitalize on. Otherwise, I think this game was more closely played that the score indicated. The Canes really took it to the Bs in stretches but Thomas came up big on a few occasions. I think the B's getting that third Lucic/Savard goal was the key - the Canes' line couldn't change up and was gassed, and the Bs were able to capitalize and take the crowd out of it a bit.

I never realized how big hockey had become in NC until these last two series. Real tough place to play. But is it true that the jumbotron said, "We've won a game 7 and will win another!" in the beginning of the 3rd?!? Heard that in a paper up here but find it hard to believe.

Take solace in the fact that the Bs have NEVER come back from 3-1 to win a series. But winning back to back game 7s on the road is no easy feat. What a series. Looking forward to a classic tomorrow!

12:40 PM  
Blogger Mac said...

dude i read that about the Jumbotron but didn't see it myself, or if i did i blocked it out! if we had scored on one of those pp's in the 3rd the last 5 mins would have been bonkers and jussi could have tied it up ....

2:44 PM  

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