Thursday, May 14, 2009

Game 7 Liveblog

1st period

8.20pm Bruins score directly as a result of a BLOWN CALL -- icing called, the wrong call, Bruins score after the faceoff in the 'Canes end. Ridiculous. Maurice and Francis going nuts.

otherwise, good start for the 'Canes but down a goal doesn't feel good.

8.31pm wow i'm glad the fridge isn't as close when i'm at the games as it is here at home...dangerous in nervous times! at the game i generally go with one beer because a) they're huge b) it's a climb to our seats c) i always drive and d) it's a habit, and as long as they're winning i don't change habits.
here at home it's a different story! but i'm trying to pace it out.

8.35 nice faceoff win by Staal and a power play....let's do this...
come on guys it's YOUR PUCK! do something with it.

8.38 AND THEY SCORE! nice hesitation move by Seidenberg and then a bomb tipped by Brindy and we're tied up. Wooooo!
UPDATE goal credited to Seidenberg, though it still looks like Brindy tipped it on the replay

8.44 crap...Ruutu called for a slash, gotta kill this off...
killed it and then JONI WHY ARE YOU ICING THE PUCK

8.49 End of Per. 1 -- tied up 1-1

9.05 flipping around btw periods -- Wings/Ducks, Magic/Celtics -- but i can't focus on any of it

9.06 here we go, Period 2

9.07 great chance early for The Wizard, Thomas with a great stop

9.09 Cam stands tall with a stop on a Bitz breakaway

9.12 double crap - penalty called on Cullen, a weak hook...let's go 'Canes, kill it off!!

9.17 JONI! Pitkanen to Samsonov with a PERFECT pass and the 'Canes take the lead, 2-1....Woooo! Pitkanen drives me nuts at times but he has two points tonight and looks good.
Carolina keeps pressure on after the goal, forcing Thomas to make some serious stops...

9.21 ARGH another penalty called on Carolina...not what they need with the momentum they've created....

9.25 Tripp Tracy commenting on the tennis skills of Dennis Seidenberg and how it makes him a better defenseman...Forslund can't get onboard.

9.29 AND YET ANOTHER penalty -- a JOKE compared to what is going on in these games -- this one on Samsonov. Let 'em play, refs! Cripes.
'Canes kill it.

9.37 1.14 left in the period 'Canes get a power play when Ryder sits down for holding..."and the siren goes here in Boston" says JF and a period where the 'Canes had to kill 3 penalties comes to an end. what am i supposed to do now for the next 15 mins?!
50 secs or so left in the Carolina power play when they resume....

9.50 i LOVE Kaiton's Korner -- Chuck explaining the subtleties and arcana of hockey to laymen like myself...also getting to hear Kaiton's calls of the period highlights (radio is off synch with TV so can't listen to Kaiton live while watching Forslund is great)

9.56 Start of the 3rd LET'S GO 'CANES!!! Keep the pressure on!

9.58 HOLY COW a shot from Frank the Tank that hit the post and bounced on the goal line! but didn't go in....unlike LaRose's "no goal" earlier in the playoffs, this call was correct.

10.01 lots of pressure from Boston but some smart plays by Carolina as well...

10.04 F#$#! dammit damn Lucic scores....Savard from behind the net, you knew something bad was going to happen. Crap. COME ON 'CANES GET IT BACK

10.10 Boston getting a lot of momentum from that goal, Carolina needs Staal to do something here...'Canes' speed is good and they're outplaying Boston but it doesn't matter because the score is 2-2...

10.14 Ward makes a stop and gets a stick in the mask as a reward.

10.21 Ward stones former 'Cane Recchi with a great stop....some intense back and forth and good d on both sides...i'm just sitting here on the couch but i swear i'm re-herniating a disc in my back just from the tension...

10.24 FURIOUS play, 'Canes keep the zone wildly, hard shot from Whitney, Staal with a wrap chance but Thomas grabs the post and holds on...

10.27 Tracy: "we're getting into Jussi Jokinen time"....i coudn't agree more... LET'S DO THIS!


10.30 wow intsense action on Ward and he freezes the puck with 18 secs left...Recchi wins the faceoff, Jussi can't clear....
And we are going to OT my friends...i don't know if i can handle it. i need the announcers to STOP with the historical stats.

10.33 WHAT am i going to do for the next 15 minutes!?!

also: longest post ever....i guess that's what happens when you "liveblog" something like a hockey game (that goes into overtime)

10.48 Start of OT, someone needs to step up and WIN this for the 'Canes early in OT. who will it be?

10.53 some great pressure from the 'Canes, need to keep it up.

10.57 great chance for Walker on Thomas, Thomas makes the stop...Ruutu takes a brutal hit from Ward and gets back up...

10.59 INTENSE pressure from Boston and an amazing stop by Ward, popping the puck out of mid-air with his knee...

11.01 now Carolina brings the pressure, LaRose working so hard behind the Boston net, Boston clears, ices the puck, and calls their time out. Let's win this faceoff...

11.08 what makes me nervous is that Carolina seems to have the jump on Boston in Boston's end, but it almost feels like the Bruins are just kind of rope a doping until Carolina makes a mistake and then taking their opportunities, rare as they might be...scary when they do...

11.11 good active sticks by Carolina in their end, need to keep the energy up....

11.12 2 great chances by Staal, hitting bodies then getting his stick lifted KEEP IT UP

11.15 Timeout Carolina, Jussi getting his skate worked on, now they're showing highlights from Game 7 vs NJ to get our hopes up....would like to see that result again!

11.18 another BAD ICING CALL -- Aaron Ward CHOSE not to play the puck...

11.20 2.48 left in OT, great sequence by the 'Canes but Thomas made several sprawling saves...


of all people Scott Walker nets the winning goal on a rebound of a shot from Whitney....handshake


Blogger Jon Solomon said...

You've single-handedly made me care about this series through your blog posts! Congratulations.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

Ah... I like life sometimes.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Patrick Rapa said...

Did you see the way Thomas bolted after he saw that puck behind him? In these post-Flyers playoffs, I'm pulling for the Canes.

2:24 AM  
Blogger Mac said...

yeah i read somewhere that that's just his "thing" -- skating off as fast as possible...maybe to avoid the stuff they were throwing on the ice?

2:47 PM  

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