Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Portastatic Coming Up

Portastatic in its various forms will be quite active in the coming weeks....Ivan Howard of the Rosebuds will be joining me this Saturday in Raleigh at the fancy joint, we practiced today and it seems like our set is going to be pretty fancy as well!

Saturday Oct 18
Meymandi Concert Hall
Raleigh, NC
opening for the Magnetic Fields

then next week for those of you in the NYC area CMJ will descend upon your town and we'll be playing a couple times: on the Friday night i'll be playing a Paste Magazine / KCWR sponsored show at something called "Red Bull Space" at 40 Thompson St, i go on at 9 PM. also rocking at Merge's show on Saturday the 25th at the Mercury Lounge...

Friday the 24th at 12.30 PM i'll be DJ'ing at Other Music just after the store opens, but eat lunch before you come because it's dangerous to shop there hungry.


Blogger wifi wizard said...

One day, I will not be in college when you come so close. I would kill to go to Raleigh for the Portastatic/Magnetic Fields concert. But unfortunately I'm a pacifist.

5:54 PM  

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