Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Small History

if you've been to the Merge Store recently you may have noticed that in addition to the 44-track Some Small History album that came out a couple weeks ago, there's a free set of 11 bonus tracks to download that wouldn't fit on the album -- we maxed out the time on both discs in the set. there are also extended liner notes on the album page, to which i've now added extra liners about the bonus tracks as well.

if you like stuff that's free and also obscure, go HERE!

wednesday playlist:

Liz Durrett - Outside Our Gates
Jay Reatard - Blood Visions
Miles Davis - Workin' With the Miles Davis Quintet
Eccentric Soul: The Tragar and Note Labels


Blogger wifi wizard said...

Nice!!! I made loaned my dad my copy of Be Still Please and he loved it. He will be thrilled to know about this as well.

So am I!

7:19 PM  
Blogger andy bachman said...

really nice choice on "workin'," dog.

12:07 AM  
Blogger An Occasional said...

I am so glad you are giving Liz D's new record a few spins. She and my wife are longtime friends and I think she (and her new record)are great.

9:55 AM  
Blogger John said...

When I heard about this compilation I was most excited to get a good digital version of "Do You Want to Buy a Bridge" (other side of Spying on the Spys 7 inch). I was surprised it didn't make the cut - so I assumed it HAD to be one of these 10 bonus songs, but I guess not. My conspiracy theory is that Mac has kids now and doesn't want to include a song that blatantly drops an F-bomb. Confirm or deny?

4:32 PM  
Blogger jeff said...

"You Blanks" (like "You ______s" right?) on Be Still Please drops the tabooed f-bomb. And it's a spectacular song

8:34 PM  
Blogger allen said...

Yeah, my thoughts are a smidge more congruent with Mac's on not including that song. I figured it wouldn't be released. Like that bad, drunken call you give at one in the morning. Totally embarassing.

11:01 AM  

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