Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Cy

this past weekend was an incredibly sad one here in NC and anywhere that Cy Rawls had friends (which was basically all over the place) -- Cy passed away last Thursday at Duke Hospital, having taken a sudden turn for the worst 4 days previous. Since the seizure that first sent Cy to the hospital back in July, followed by the prognosis that the cancer in Cy's brain was terminal and inoperable and the ensuing chemo and radiation to shrink the tumor as much as possible, Cy continued to live as "normally" as he possibly could. If your definition of normal is flying to Louisiana for the night to see Quintron and Miss Pussycat play a show and eat fried pig ears at Cochon.

anyone going to see local bands in the last two months has certainly seen Cy out and about -- at the Superchunk show we did with Rosebuds and Birds of Avalon at the Cradle, he was watching from on top of the PA to the side of the stage, and at the Portastatic show a couple weeks ago he was at the Local 506. Last weekend he sang a couple songs at the Pourhouse in Raleigh at his own benefit concert. just as he was on the basketball court, Cy did not slow down until it was time to stop.

HERE is a mid-game Woody Durham shout-out to uber-Heels fan Cy.

And HERE is the obit in the N&O.

thanks for being you, Cy! we miss you.

Cy Rawls Playlist:

Springsteen - Born in the USA
Fugazi - Repeater
Iron Maiden - Killers
Misfits - Legacy of Brutality (he might actually prefer Danzig but i can't bring myself to put that here)
Black Flag - Everything Went Black
Jay Reatard - Blood Visions
The Rosebuds - Make Out
...this could go on forever, Cy loved a lot of music and knew a lot about all of it...


Blogger wifi wizard said...

So sorry to hear about Cy. He sounds like the kind of guy everyone wanted to know. I read all about him after your post a couple weeks ago, and it was all pretty amazing. I'm sorry for everyone's loss.

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