Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Cave?

with the GOP at it's weakest point in decades, why on earth the Dems would cave on anything, but particularly a Public Option for healthcare in this country, i simply can't fathom.

Obama stood up for the idea yesterday to the AMA, but my fear is that a speech like that is that so later the White House can say "Hey, we tried!" as they sign a watered down healthcare restructuring that lacks any of the bold strokes we need on the issue.


Blogger Tom Hoffman said...

That level of second-guessing will lead to madness.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Dean-C said...

Obama was booed for not budging on the malpractice issue which drains a TON OF DOUGH from the system and all the MD's (who are very smart people (mostly) ) have to get something out of this.
Why not put a cap on that?
It's a tough issue, and Obama really has to piss some people off to get it done.
Clinton tried and failed-
We'll see if Obama has the balls. I'm betting with you...watered down bullshit. Biz as usual in DC.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Mr. Marks said...

Concepts that would be truly effective at making medicine more cost-effective are strongly opposed, not just by health insurers, but also by organized health provider groups. (Be suspicious of any compromise plan; e.g., the co-op model, that these interests say they'll accept - you can be sure that it will not be effective at controlling costs.)

Obama and the Democrats campaigned on healthcare reform last year emphasizing feel-good talking points about guaranteeing universal access to care, and preventing insurance companies from limiting care. To the extent that they took any aim at the dysfunctional financial motivations in the current system, it was targeted at insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industries. In practice, excuse me, in office, they find it hard to even carve a pound of flesh out the hides of these “easy” targets, which are not only associated with lobbying and campaign dollars, but also jobs back home. And then it just gets way worse – because true health care reform is going to threaten the incomes of many doctors and other healthcare providers who are Democratic supporters.

Unlike some issues like domestic spying, where it’s hard to understand why the Democrats caved to the Republican position, this one is a matter of (campaign) dollars and cents. Also, unlike some other issues, the challenge that is apparent now was telegraphed by the way that the tough financial trade-offs were completely glossed-over on the campaign trail.

PS – We really enjoyed your set at Coachella!!!

2:37 PM  

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