Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not Given Lightly

Everyone send all your best thoughts and love down to Chris Knox and his family -- sad news out of NZ this weekend that Chris has had a stroke and remains in the hospital. hard to say what "the latest" is, but reports like this one say that Chris still can't speak (not unusual after a stroke and can be remedied through therapy) but worse, may not walk again. hopefully this is a worse-case scenario and that as his recovery progresses (he had surgery Friday night) Chris will outstrip the predictions of the docs.

I didn't learn about Chris' early band The Enemy until later, but the Toy Love reissue came out when i was in college, and i simultaneously got the Tall Dwarfs' "Nothing's Going to Happen" and the "Slugbucket" EP and it was all so unhinged compared to the other Flying Nun stuff i loved, beautiful in a different way, Chris (and Alec in the Dwarfs) really created his own world. His solo albums were as good or even better. Superchunk had the good fortune to tour with Chris doing his solo set here in the US and it was amazing watching him gather a crowd of rock fans waiting for Superchunk into the palm of his hand with great songs and humor and flip flops and a headset mic. He's a true musical hero of mine and i look forward to Chris' post-recovery music!


Blogger M.W. Beatty said...

That is sad news. Chris Knox is one of my musical heroes as well. His "Sonngs of You and Me" is an all-time favorite that I've played regularly since it first came out.

Here's hoping for a quick and full recovery for someone who should be much more well known than he is.

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