Tuesday, June 02, 2009


this has certainly been noted elsewhere, but it's galling the way the most vocal elements of the right wing, supposedly anxious to pursue terrorists around the world (even that is debatable), is anxious to forgive them and even justify their actions here at home. despite some half-hearted condemnations of the murder of Robert Tiller, victims of domestic terrorists like Randall Terry and his followers are just reaping what they sow apparently...horrible.

my friend Josh Diem wrote a good piece yesterday for his blog Young Crumudgeon.


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You have to wonder if we'll ever stop living in a theocracy disguised as a democracy that promotes "free speech". I don't know if I can go as far as saying that O'Reilly was complicit in Tiller's murder, but there should be a sense of grave responsibility among those who hold such power over people. It's sick that people could defend a heinous murder by claiming some divine knowledge. Where does it end?

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