Saturday, May 02, 2009

Well that could have gone better...Boston 4 Carolina 1

wow Boston is really, really good. large and fast. what's scary about the 4-1 final is that the 'Canes didn't actually have a bad game. they got some good pressure on Thomas (who's not flashy but solid and deceptively quick) and the 4th line had some great shifts, but as has been a bad habit this season there were some terrible passes and mistakes that Boston quickly turned into points. Savard was everywhere. hoping the 'Canes react with some urgency in Game 2....


Blogger Pam said...

The scariest thing about the B's is how much better they've been getting all season. They don't have any Bobby Orr (who does, of course), but they're fun to watch again.

I really like playoff hockey because there seems to be less "gratuitous" violence (though not necessarily less actual violence, just more useful and purposeful).

Though I'm rooting for the Bruins, now that the Canadians, Rangers and Flyers have been eliminated, there aren't any teams left I'm rooting *against*.

[personal side note: probably the highlight of my band's very short lived career was getting a picture with Bobby Orr at a charity event in 1986]

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