Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wwax is Bback

i was in a band called Wwax (i can't remember the origin of the extra W, but we existed before that band Wax that had only one W and a video on mtv) with Wayne Taylor (previously of NC hardcore legends No Labels) and Brian Walsby (of Patty Hearst Shifter, Polvo, and many others, plus comics fame) for a couple years in the mid to late 80's...we were kind of normal (guitar bass drums) but kind of weird too...we put out a few singles and a cassette that was Merge's second release (MRG002), and now all that stuff is collected into a digital compilation, at least all the stuff you'd want to hear...

The digital compilation is called Like it Or Not and is available at the Merge store NOW!


Blogger wifi wizard said...

Really, have you been making music since before you were born?

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