Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Glen Wesley - Good! Hurricanes - Bad!

heart-warming jersey retirement for Big Red as Forslund called him tonight, #2 Glen Wesley, defensemen for the Bruins, Whalers, Hurricanes, briefly Leafs then back to the Canes for his Stanley Cup victory in '06. good interviews and congrats from across the league during timeouts, and any timeout where the "DJ" doesn't get to play a song is a good timeout. plus i never would have guessed that he's (by far) the franchise leader in +/-. one of his sons, his daughter and his wife sung the National Anthem which was also sweet.

the the Hurricanes proceeded to get beat up by the aforementioned Boston Bruins. played pretty well actually for the first 55 mins and then gave up 3 goals including TWO short-handed in the last 5 minutes...Staal skates like he's in mud these days and in general they appear to be a team trying hard to make sure they don't make the playoffs. depressing.


Blogger TexasLeaguer said...

I'll be there next Thursday to cheer on the Sabres!

6:41 AM  
Blogger spott said...

how bout that game last night, TXLeaguer?

1:58 PM  

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