Monday, March 02, 2009

Just Like Old Times

i swear when i was in high school it snowed at least 3 times a winter with at least one good 7-8" snowfall that would get us out of school for a week. not any more; we're lucky to get freezing drizzle these days but finally woke up to the white stuff today with a milder version of what the rest of the east coast got...nice. of course school is cancelled though the roads are completely clear.

over at MBV Music Ryan of the Catbird Seat is running a nice series on Merge and our 20 years, starting with our dormroom combo Bricks...

and over the weekend the Carolina Hurricanes, after a scintillating shootout win over the Sabres on Thursday night, put together one of the worst 3 periods i've ever seen, blowing a 3-1 lead to lose 5-3 to Atlanta. one of those games where you tune in and your team is up by a goal or two and you think "ah finally, a relaxing game i can have on in the background and just enjoy a win" and then it all goes wrong.

at least the next morning we got to see Katrina vanden Heuvel eat Karl Rove's lunch on ABC's This Week with George...regardless of the fact that he's evil, Mr. "Call me Karl" Rove has a TERRIBLE teevee presence: sputtering, takes everything personally and comes off basically who doesn't realize that the election is over and he and his peeps LOST. Vanden Heuvel was so ready for this opportunity (normally the round table is kind of nicey-nice) and crushed him (George Will was crushed already).

weekend listening:
Miles Davis - ESP and Kind of Blue
Curtis Fuller - The Opener
Fonotone Records box
Amadou & Mariam - Welcome to Mali
Jennifer O'Connor - Here With Me
Dark Was the Night comp
Sir Victor Uwaito - Guitar Boy Superstar 1970-76
AC Newman - Get Guilty


Blogger Tinyfolk said...

So are you, in fact, aching to play "Don’t Hog the Nog, Zog", as Mr. Catbird claims?

4:09 PM  
Blogger wifi wizard said...

I love AC Newman. Are you also a New Pornographers fan?

5:13 PM  
Blogger Mac said...

i actually learned "Don't Hog the Nog" last year before playing the Trekky Christmas show at the cradle, but bailed on it at the last second in favor of Cale's "Child's Christmas In Wales" ... so i guess i'm not aching to play it or i would've!

8:34 PM  

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