Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We Got Out Just In Time

that is to say, before we had to play any Halloween-themed shows on's always a nightmare, and not in a good way. dude in a terrible Clockwork Orange "droog" costume is always way more interested in the "sexy vampire" he's trying to dance with than in the rock and roll music on nights like that. get a DJ. anyway there WAS some kind of Halloween parade in the ATL when we arrived last saturday to play the last show of the tour with Jennifer O'Connor at the Earl but other than that it was a straight up rock and roll night, replete with the mixed feelings of the last night of any tour -- glad we don't have spend another minute in this cold and sodden and ill-lit backstage, sorry not to be playing more songs for some more people and hanging out with the JOC crew. glad to be going home above all usually though. here's what i can piece together of the last night setlist though i can't find it at the moment to be sure:

tonight i'll be staying here with you
sour shores
through with people
cunning latch
you blanks
sweetness and light
oh come down
white wave
spying on the spys
naked pilseners
arthur dove
i wanna know girls

bye bye pride
san andreas
song for a clock

cruised home in a leisurely fashion on sunday after grabbing some good coffee at that place next to criminal records that still has a phonograph on the counter and plays vinyl LP's, pretty cool. thanks to jennifer o'connor and band for doing the tour and for guest-blogging! later...