Monday, October 16, 2006

Free in New Haven

played at a place called "BAR" in new haven last night, 5 bands and a free show, we spent much of the evening eating pizza.

noisy night
sour shores
through with people
you blanks
sweetness and light
hey salty
white wave
arthur dove
naked pilseners
san andreas

i wanna know girls

pretty fun show, & the crowd was attentive and receptive considering we went on at midnight on a sunday, and that most i don't think had ever heard portastatic.

earlier in the day i had the pleasure of seeing Allen Toussaint at Joe's Pub, playing by himself, playing great song after great song, most of which he wrote and exist in your musical consciousness somewhere already, though he also mixed it up with a bunch of cool instrumental pieces, rags i guess you'd call some of them, i'm not sure, which were also great. did a nice version of "mama you've been on my mind" too. i went straight to other music and got the reissue of Southern Nights...we listened to it 3 times on the way to new haven!


Blogger linkluster said...

Look up "dapper" or "debonair" in the dictionary and you should see a picture of Mr. Toussaint.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Mac said...

in his dapper suit yesterday he had a cellphone, which went off during the show! he admitted that it was his, and then turned it off.
i was just relieved it wasn't someone else's sitting nearby.

4:58 PM  
Blogger J. Evans said...

dear mac: are you reincarnated from ronnie lane? -- jre from sac

ps. why no dates in sac?

1:45 AM  
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