Friday, October 13, 2006

Tour Blogging Pt.2 - Boston

Great Scott is a nice room with nice people running it - Camera Obscura had their favorite show of their tour at this place. Unfortunately we had some sound problems onstage (it didn't "sound good") which made it a little tough to feel like we were really nailing it. we still played some songs:

sour shores
truckstop cassettes
through with people
you blanks
oh come down
drill me
sweetness and light
like a pearl
spying on the spys
arthur dove
noisy night

bye bye pride
san andreas
i'm not sayin'
i wanna know girls

back at the hotel ended up watching all of "Do The Right Thing" -- i forgot how much i loved that movie, it's so great. the cast is so broad and awesome, including original Sonic Youth drummer Richard Edson!
here's what Roger Ebert had to say about it, and i agree:

"None of these people is perfect. But Lee makes it possible for us to understand their feelings; his empathy is crucial to the film, because if you can't try to understand how the other person feels, you're a captive inside the box of yourself. Thoughtless people have accused Lee over the years of being an angry filmmaker. He has much to be angry about, but I don't find it in his work. The wonder of ``Do the Right Thing'' is that he is so fair. Those who found this film an incitement to violence are saying much about themselves, and nothing useful about the movie. Its predominant emotion is sadness."


Blogger joshua said...

looking forward to new york city. right on.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Tom Hoffman said...

Great to see you again Mac. It sounded good out front, if not on stage. The Melvins are playing in Providence tonight, so this is my biggest weekend of rock in a long time...

11:26 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

Yeah, don't worry... it sounded really good in the room. 'Oh Come Down' & 'Like A Pearl' were standouts, and 'Bye Bye Pride' was a nice treat...

11:29 AM  
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