Monday, September 25, 2006

Austin and home

great night at the Parish in Austin on saturday, Matt Ward & band playing a great long encore to a pretty raucous crowd (from the picture here you can see that drummers Rachel and Jordan are so good that they only need to practice with one stick apiece), and the Parish is a great-sounding room. typically bittersweet last night of tour -- glad to be going home (margaret and i flew back to NC yesterday), sad to not be getting on the bus to do more shows (the band continued west)'s the austin setlist, i think:

Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (w/ M.Ward on electric guitar)
Center of the World
Angels of Sleep
Sour Shores
You Blanks
Noisy Night
White Wave
San Andreas
I Wanna Know Girls

thanks to our friend Ashley for the pad and the breakfast tacos! and to the people behind us on the plane for SPEAKING LOUDLY FOR 2.5 HOURS.

and sincere thanks to matt and everyone in his band and crew (JacobDanaRachelJordanMikeAdamDutch) for being so nice to us on the tour. go see them!