Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Portastatic, Unleashed

i still can't believe i got talked out of using that as the album title for the new record, but whatever, the wait is over -- Be Still Please is out today! what a relief that even when i discover the typos i missed, the guitar solo i accidentally erased half of, the words i got all wrong -- there's nothing i can do about it now! except replicate those mistakes exactly in our live performances, of course.

also, it's one thing to have a blog, it's another thing altogether to be Atrios, one of the best and one of my favorite political blogs. anyway, much to my surprise Atrios gave Portastatic a shout-out the other day, and today has our Philly show at the North Star tomorrow night on his weekly calendar, right under a Bill Clinton fundraiser (also tomorrow, but in the afternoon so you can do both!) for congressional candidate Lois Murphy.

Atrios also links to link to another blog called Whiskey Fire that has one of the most thoughtful reviews, 5 yrs later, of the Summer of the Shark record that it's ever gotten!

also out there on the internets:
the fine Largehearted boy blog has an item about things i've been reading lately.
and Chromewaves has a review of the Portastatic show at Pop Montreal last week, and i got to meet Frank from Chromewaves when we were on a panel together at the Future of Music Conference...panels can be more fun than they sound like they're going to be!