Monday, July 31, 2006

Superchunk Surfacing

our favorite neighborhood bar, the Orange County Social Club in Carrboro, NC is celebrating 5 years of getting locals & tourists sloshed and having a great jukebox, and Superchunk will be playing a show as part of that celebration...September 1 at the Cat's Cradle of course. supposedly we'll be practicing a couple times between now and then so it could be pretty good. i told everyone in the band that we'd be performing a new song called "Learned to Surf", but in order for that to happen, i have to (re-)learn to surf, and then write the song, so i coulda just been talkin'. we'll see.

Tenement Halls is gonna rock that shit also!

scroll down over here for a nice recap of the last show we did (at SXSW this year) from the cats over at Evil Sponge .

old chunk live pic from Irving Plaza by Alexis Scherl