Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thanks Brazil!

had a couple great, weird shows (like most of our shows in Brazil) last weekend as part of the Virada Cultural in Sao Paulo state -- both outdoors, one late night, one in the afternoon, in Mogi Das Cruzes and Sorocaba, Brazil. our fans in Brazil are dedicated (it's been 11 years since we were there last) and a bit unhinged, just like we like them. Fabiana and Sergio were great hosts, and the shows actually ran on time which is a change from Brazil tours past where we literally just added 2 hours onto anything in the itinerary. other acts performing on the festival included both clowns and mimes (separately). here's setlists...


Throwing Things
My Gap Feels Weird
New Low
Detroit Has a Skyline
Animated Airplanes Over Germany
Like a Fool
Hello Hawk
Learned to Surf
Cast Iron
Digging for Something
Slack Motherfucker
Skip Steps 1 & 3
Everything at Once
Crossed Wires
Seed Toss
Hyper Enough
Precision Auto


Learned To Surf
My Gap Feels Weird
Detroit Has a Skyline
Crossed Wires
For Tension
Nu Bruises
Kicked In
Iron On
Digging For Something
On The Mouth
Driveway to Driveway
The First Part
Precision Auto
Throwing Things
Brand New Love
Slack Motherfucker
Hyper Enough

Now playing: Jorge Ben - Negro é Lindo


Blogger Felipe T. said...

It was really really great! Very intensive. I was just a little bit sorry cause I had nothing better than a piece of paper (declaring love to the Portastatic too) to be signed. I think the both gigs were even better than the Paul McCartney gig to me!

3:03 PM  
Blogger Steve Finnell said...

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7:22 PM  
Blogger Marcelo Viegas said...

Oh, Mogi was great! It was a real cool thing watching you guys once again: I was at the very first gig in Brazil, back in 98, in São Bernardo do Campo. Amazing!

By the way, I'm the journalist that sent you an interview some days ago, the one that talks about Merge, Brazilian Music and the crowd chanting "Superchunk!".

Thank you for the inspiration over the years...

See ya!

4:13 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Mac! They did it! FINALLY. And we can all finally move on from the Walker punch/winning goal (devastating combo), last year's epic collapse, and too many more painful moments to recount in my 30 years as a B's fan. My apologies, know this is not the forum, but since it's been such a great forum for hockey talk in years past (much missed this year), just had to share our joy today! As you know, there's nothing quite like a Stanley Cup playoff run in all of sports! Have a great day!

8:52 AM  
Blogger Gabriel said...

Saw the article about you in El Pais and felt uplifted and inspired. Cool work ! Was also wondering the best way to approach Merge with a debut album offering for release in the states. Keep up the good work !!

1:25 PM  
Blogger smith said...

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