Thursday, March 31, 2011

Been Awhile

Hey! Been awhile since i had time to post here but it's not that i haven't been THINKING about posting. At a certain point so many things happen that i MEANT to post about that then it just seems too overwhelming to try to write about it all so maybe i'll just skip some stuff. Went to Austin for SXSW and saw some great bands. In addition to the excellent Merge artists that were all over town (Wild Flag, Wye Oak, Telekinesis, Apex Manor, cool trio version of American Music Club, Times New Viking & Versus...Jenn of Wye Oak & Mark Eitzel pictured above backstage at the Parish) that week, i managed to squeeze in some Yuck, Edwyn Collins, The Obits, OFF! and The Barreracudas (reminded me of the Chesterfield Kings). All good stuff. Still missed tons of stuff i would have liked to have seen incl Black Lips, Ted Leo solo gigs galore and Sharon Van Etten who i have yet to see live. Also had an incredible meal at Uchiko. Sushi in Texas? Yes, and more.

Somehow Austin manages to be fun despite the fact that when you leave that inspired set you just saw to close out the night at some sweaty club, you emerge to thousands of drunk idiots dropping their pizza in the street to the sound of someone freestyling to a digeridoo and some bongos that are strapped to a dog on a rope leash at 2 AM. The 6th St situation at this point is so terrible (yet somehow unavoidable, though i did steer clear for the most part) i'm not even going to check my spelling on digeridoo.

Cold and raining once again here in NC but hey it'll be 90 degrees here soon enough...

Listening this week:

V/A - The Sound of Philadelphia (Soul Jazz)
Yo La Tengo - President / New Wave Hot Dogs / Painful
Yaz - Upstairs at Eric's
American Music Club - California / Mercury
Tortoise - Beacons of Ancestorship
Fridge - The Sun
The Verlaines - Some Disenchanted Evening
Nick Cave - No More Shall We Part
Mal Waldron - Left Alone
Prince - Controversy (insane show at the RBC Center last week, too)
Jimmy Webb - Archive
The Zero Boys - Vicious Circle

been reading We Got the Neutron Bomb which means i have to dig out my Dangerhouse comp...

last and semi-least, we have a limited number of Majesty Shredding-themed tote bags for sale featuring the "Tube Guy" that graces our backdrop over at the Merge Store!