Sunday, February 21, 2010


Amazing win for USA hockey tonight...strange saying something positive about a Buffalo Sabre, it pains me actually, but Ryan Miller is playing out of his mind, stopping 42 of 45 shots tonight. Rafalski going nuts as well. Really best of both worlds (as a 'Canes fan) getting a goal for Staal but seeing the US win an incredibly intense hockey match. Having said that, i think there's a lot of hyperbole in the analysis of this as "one of the most important games ever" for Canadian hockey etc....not even an elimination game! obviously a lot of hockey to be played yet, and Russia looked pretty great beating Czech Republic.

MSNBC is right now trying to demonstrate how disappointed all Canadians are but it's difficult because everyone on the street is acting so drunk and happy and... not disappointed.


Blogger DC said...

GREAT GAME!!! but no one will remember it after the weekend. We will remember who gets Gold, and the best goaltender wins. Last night it was Miller.
Amazing hockey to watch, especially for us junkies, and it should get BETTER as we go!!!

9:00 PM  
Blogger mookieproof said...

Canada responds

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thrilling game. It should have been on NBC. It should have been in HD. MSNBC came into two periods late which was annoying. That being said watching Team USA wearing the vintage jersey's in analog was a trip! I'm looking forward to today's elimination round.

7:27 AM  

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