Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Basement Dwelling

Rough year for the 'Canes, and they currently reside in the basement not of their division or conference, but of the entire NHL. So a 3-game win streak (first of the season) is a big deal and they got that tonight when they beat the Leafs in Toronto. Ward made some great stops in the process. What's odd about the 'Canes is that some of their precious few wins have come against the strength of the conference - at Pittsburgh and Washington, for instance. One small silver lining in this sad and injury-plagued season is that we get to see a lot of young guys brought up from Albany and playing their asses off, which is a fun look at the future of the team.

Listening while listening to Chuck Kaiton:

Eddie and Ernie - Lost Friends
Buddy DeFranco and Oscar Peterson Play George Gershwin
Fantastic Mr. Fox Original Soundtrack
Bill Evans - Moonbeams
John Coltrane - Ballads
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Out of Noise


Blogger Mr. P said...

At least the Canes are showing some positive upside. Glad to see BrindAmour putting up some points.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Mac said...

i know i kind of thought Rod was done...yeah they don't quit which is heartening.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Mr. P said...

I don't think you can every really count out Rod. He is probably the best conditioned athlete on earth. His drive is there. But yes he has lost a step due to age. I think it comes down to ice time. How much can you accomplish in 5 minutes a game? I still get excited when they play the Wings. Reminds me of their first cup playoffs. (Sorry for the length Mac)

2:02 PM  

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