Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Action

back from an awesome trip to Japan; great crowds, great shows, great hosts -- special thanks to Hideki and Tak at Contrarede as well as Andy and Aya at our label P-Vine. had a great view of Mt Fuji on the way back to Tokyo from Nagoya and did some serious eating post-tour in Tokyo as well as catching a Jim O'Rourke gig with Akira Sakata at the legendary Pit-Inn. sad to miss a couple Yo La Tengo shows in Tokyo while we were there but as i say we had some eating to do.

Score! subscribers have by now received the latest Portastatic EP, a digital-only release of 7 covers of songs from the Merge catalog. the EP will soon be available for purchase by non-subscribers at the Merge site, with all proceeds going to the SCORE! charities. artists covered on the EP are Matt Suggs, Spoon, The Magnetic Fields, Spent, Lambchop, Destroyer and The Renderers. there were more i wanted to record but ran out of time...

also on the Portastatic / SCORE! front, the latest and last round of curated CDs in the series have gone out and the curators for the last two excellent volumes are Mindy Kaling and Andrea Zittel. on the Andrea Zittel CD there's a really cool film she made called "House After Ten Years of Living" (after the Eames's film about their own house) and i recorded the score for it, so if you're a subscriber you'll see that soon as well.

also briefly back to Japan, we covered a Telekinesis song called "Tokyo" and Michael Benjamin Lerner has a link to the vid up on his site


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