Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here We Go

Birthday week for Merge kicks off tonight...can't wait for this train to get rolling!

A nap would be prudent.


Blogger Felipe T. said...

How was that Mac? Waiting for your posts!

1:48 AM  
Blogger thicksyrup said...


sorry to contact you here, but didn't have any other info for it. I'm doing a Compilation of many great artist and was going to try to get a solo track from you sir. It's about the people who made us do what we do and start a Label a few years back.

other artist include:
members of Pearl Jam, Teenage Fanclub, Half Japanese, Penn Jillete, Ben Lee w/Lou Barlow, and many more.

contact me at this address:

best wishes always
-travis mcelroy

2:39 AM  

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