Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seaport Rock / Dance Music

had a great, sweaty time at the Seaport on Friday night, Versus was awesome and the weather held off until just after we finished, leaving us to walk home in the rain with guitars, but at least we got the show in! great energy from the crowd in a strange (but cool in the end) setting.

Brooklyn Vegan has some pics from the show.

Someone is hoping that they found their tru love there as well! Hilarious and kind of charming actually.

flew back to NC Saturday in time for Merge With Motion at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, featuring dance pieces set to Merge music and it was really engaging and all over the place and great. hopefully there's some video from that show, a nice way to kick off what promises to be a crazy week....


Blogger Emily said...

nice photos...almost like being there! i tried my damnedest to align the stars in such a way that would've enabled me to come to the show, but, alas, i failed. it might be for the best, though—i think i would have hated the crowd.

please come back to the northeast soon (and play a slightly smaller venue)!

3:45 PM  

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