Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday Listening & Reading - Keep on Breathing

anyone bother to watch the SOTU last night? not me; even watching the wrap-ups with Olbermann, et al was a waste of time because you knew exactly what the jerk (bush) would say, act like, smirk like, etc... anyway, David Rees (he of the unstoppable Filing Technique) has a blow-by-blow over on Huffington Post that's worth reading.

in the cd player here at the office today:

The Delgados - Universal Audio for some reason the Delgados seemed to have fallen off of everyone's radar by the time this came out, and while not the masterpiece that The Great Eastern was, the great melodies and affect-less vocals are still totally addictive.
Thelonius Monk Quartet with John Coltrane - at Carnegie Hall man i'm glad someone dug this out of the vaults a few years ago.
Marion Brown - Sweet Earth Flying Impulse release from '74 is an interesting setting for Brown's alto and soprano saxes as it features the organ and electric piano musings of both Paul Bley and Richard Muhal Abrams, this is an awesome, spacy and hypnotic album from Brown and needs to be reissued along with Geechee Recollections ('73), and a bunch of other fine titles from Marion Brown in the 1970's. i found the vinyl recently and a friend transferred it to CD for me with a bunch of other jazz that i only have on record. a great place to read about and hear out of print free jazz like this is the Destination Out blog.


Blogger Kurt said...


I very much enjoy searching out and listening to the musicians on your listening lists and year-end lists. It's a fine way to discover music that would otherwise go under my radar. Every new song and band is like a pillowed kick in head of knowledge for me.

Please continue this practice in future postings.


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