Monday, December 18, 2006

Best of the Year 2006 Pt. 1

and when i say "Best" i don't just mean "these are what I personally, in my not-so-humble (ha! jk! lol) opinion, think are the best" -- i mean studies have been done and anything listed on this blog indubitably and scientifically is one of The Best albums or songs or whatever of the year. i want to be clear about that, as so many year-end lists are basically "popularity contests".

ok now that that's out of the way we'll start with some excellent concerts i was lucky enough to see this year. some may be from last year, my memory's not great.

Best Live Shows 2006

Boris - Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC
Allen Toussaint - Joe's Pub NYC
Tom Waits - Thomas Wolfe Auditorium Asheville, NC
Wilco - Memorial Hall UNC Chapel Hill
Mountain Goats - Irving Plaza, NYC
Magik Markers live Tanned Tin Festival Castellon, Spain
Feist - Cats Cradle, Chapel Hill
Shellac - Cats Cradle, Chapel Hill
Oakley Hall - Local 506 & Tonic NYC
Deerhoof - Cats Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC
Girl Talk - Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC

some shows i barely missed but would liked to have seen include Mavis Staples at the Arts Center in Carrboro, Joanna Newsom at Pop Montreal, and Bruce Springsteen on the Seger Sessions tour.

also please keep in mind that when i make lists i exempt all Merge Recording Artists from said lists, so let's just assume that every Merge Band that i saw this year would also be in this and every other Best Of... list i'll be making.


Blogger Chris said...

this is what the year-end is for.
I'm kickin myself for missing the Magik Markers set.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Mac said...

Dave Grubbs and Six Organs of Admittance were pretty freaking amazing as well! of course M Ward but i'm not allowed to mention him.

3:47 PM  
Blogger linkluster said...

I had a dream I saw Tom Waits live after seeing your list. I've only seen him at the Bridge School Benefit (short set, far away), and a few songs with John Hammond at the Great American in San Francisco. I watch Big Time once a year and youtube helps now, but I’m jealous.

I did see Bruce start the Seger Sessions tour at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. It took two weeks to get my jaw off the ground and stop crying. Added bonus was an Impeach Bush plane banner flying over the fairgrounds during the set.

4:34 PM  

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