Thursday, December 21, 2006

Last Lists of 06

on top of all the musical lists below i figured i'd add a short list of non-recorded highlights of 2006, and it's pretty easy: meeting Bruce Springsteen, the Dems taking back congress, and of course the Carolina Hurricanes winning the Stanley Cup.

on the sadder side, as with every year we lost a lot of great musicians in 2006, i know i'll forget some, but the passings that struck me most personally included Anita O'Day, Lou Rawls, Buck Owens (who all lived long and quite eventful lives) and of course Grant McLennan, who left too soon. Grant wrote some classic, touching, and personally important songs in the way that songs are important as they mark of points in your life and can take you back to those points in a flash.

anyone reading feel free to post some 2006 highlights of your own....

Happy Holidays everybody!


Blogger Hugh said...

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Blogger Dougie Drama said...

One highlight this year, more than anything was recording a CD I actually liked the sound of! Finally being able to afford decent gear helps!

Two bands I have loved since I was a teenager are Superchunk and The Lemonheads. I managed to get Ben Deily, who co-founded the band and sang on my favourite songs, did the honour of doing backing vocals on our CD via the internet! What an honour! (what an age we live in!) There's only one person left I'd love to work with, now! Have you got a home recording studio and the internet, Mac? Wanna sing on our next CD? ;) You can have a listen if you get a few minutes at ... we're already friends on myspace!

Seriously though, technology blows me away, especially this year. The net getting more powerful, being able to carry around my whole CD collection at the highest quality mp3s to listen to any time I want, finding shows from bands I like on the net and never tour Adelaide and being able to watch them....

Plus, the Lemonheads did an album, with the Descendents' rhythm section! What a year! ;)

P.S. Stoked you got to meet the Boss, Mac!

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Blogger Dougie Drama said...

One thing I don't like is the fact you can't edit comments on this thing.. I mean, the grammar in my last comment was terrible! All grammar goes out the window when I'm excited!

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Blogger Dan London said...

Portastatic "Be Still Please"
The Kingdom "K1"

My own book...

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