Monday, August 07, 2006

Arthur Lee 1945-2006

I know this is old news but the Clientele played here friday night and Alasdair did a solo version of "Signed D.C." and i've been thinking about it. Arthur Lee died on Friday of Leukemia. I'm sorry not to have seen the Love shows of the last few years, i heard they were really good, but i also kinda felt like i wanted to leave that music in my head the way i'd already known it for so many years from the records. What a unique guy, he managed to come off as a total badass but made music that was so pretty, soulful, & even wounded sounding. I know Forever Changes is the masterwork but i love the first album just as much.


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Mac, if you like Arthur Lee you should really check out some Gene Clark's post Byrds stuff. Lee was hugely influenced by the former Byrd and I consider 'Message to Pretty' the best Gene Clark song Gene never wrote. Gene Clark was a brilliant tortured songwriter. Probably the most under-rated american songwriter ever. Check the Dillard and Clark albums, Roadmaster, and No Other if you haven't already.

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